A history of the missouri compromise in the american civil war

Overview Union flag In the presidential electionRepublicansled by Abraham Lincolnsupported banning slavery in all the U.

A history of the missouri compromise in the american civil war

The Missouri Compromise of for kids: Background History It was a time of great change and movement in the United States. The movement west was at its height in During the yearsfour states were admitted to the Union.

The states were IndianaMississippiIllinois and Alabama The request then came in from the state of Missouri to also be admitted to the union quickly followed in by the people of Maine who asked Congress to admit them as the state of Maine.

Objections to the admission of Missouri The Missouri Compromise became necessary because many Northerners opposed the admission of Missouri because the settlers of the proposed state were slaveholders.

This would mean that Missouri would be another slave state in the union. People in the North were totally against the admission of any more slave states. Every state, north of Maryland, had either put an end to slavery or adopted a plan by which slavery would gradually be abolished. Missouri Compromise of for kids: The Northwest Ordinance of included a clause that stated that after the year there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in any of new states in the areas covering the Lakes to the Ohio and from the Mississippi to Pennsylvania.

Slavery had therefore ceased to be a vital institution north of Maryland and Kentucky. Louisiana Louisiana had been admitted as a slave state inbut its admission had been provided for in the treaty for the purchase of Louisiana from France. The Louisiana Territory was broken into smaller administration areas, and the territories passed slavery laws similar to those in the southern states.

Missouri Compromise of The Southerners Viewpoint The Southerners felt equally as strongly as the Northerners on the issue of slavery. They asserted that their slaves were their property, and that they had a perfect right to take their property with them and settle on new lands belonging to the nation.

The Southerners asserted that because they had founded a slave state, it was only right that the state should be admitted to the Union. What was the Purpose of the Missouri Compromise? Congress was faced with the question of the extension of slavery into new territories.

The opposing sides were never going to agree on the issue of slavery.

A history of the missouri compromise in the american civil war

The Senate was equally divided between the Slave states and the Free states. However, the majority of the House of Representatives were from the free states. And this number was increasing.

If the free states were to also obtain a majority in the Senate the Southerners would lose all control of the government. The Southerners would therefore not consent to the admission of Maine as a free state unless at the same time Missouri was admitted as a slave state.Civil War in Central Missouri Missouri played a pivotal role in the years leading up to and during the Civil War.

From the Missouri Compromise in to the Border War with Kansas between and , Missouri was at the center of many political and violent battles that moved the nation toward the Civil War. Nov 01,  · Native Missourian Kristen Pawlak of the American Battlefield Trust talks about one of the key border states during the Civil War.

Missouri had thousands of troops fight for both sides, and also. The Civil War was the culmination of a series of confrontations concerning the institution of slavery.

A history of the missouri compromise in the american civil war

| The Missouri Compromise This map shows the line . Dec 02,  · The compromise would have guaranteed the permanent existence of slavery in the slave states by reestablishing the free-slave demarcation line drawn by the Missouri Compromise.

Missouri Compromise: American History for kids ***

Though Crittenden’s plan drew support from Southern leaders, its rejection by many Northern Republicans, including President-elect . The Missouri Compromise was an important factor in the events that lead up to the Civil War.

This is what the Missouri Compromise was, and how it contributed to the Civil War that was to come. Military History American Civil War Battles & Wars Key Figures Arms & Weapons Naval Battles American Civil War: Causes of Conflict The Approaching Storm.

Share Flipboard Email It continued with the Compromise of (Missouri Compromise) which established the practice of admitting a free state (Maine) and slave state (Missouri) to the.

The Missouri Compromise | The Civil War in Missouri