Comparing congress of vienna to treaty of versailles

A comparison of two peace agreements staged several centuries apart highlights Holsti's argument that international relations are cyclical in nature. Circumstances, values, and norms do change, but ultimately the elements of peacemaking provide the seeds for future war. The congress at Vienna, which was contemporaneous with the Treaties of Paris, did set the stage for a more modern version of peacemaking in Europe.

Comparing congress of vienna to treaty of versailles

Why didn't congress ratify the Treaty of Versailles? It hadmany provisions, including punishments for Germany.

The US Congressdid not ratify the Treaty because they were… for isolationism, andfelt that becoming part of the League of Nations, a provision ofthe treaty, would draw the US into further wars. What is the connection between Germany and Treaty of Versailles?

Germany is part of the group called the central powers back during world war 1 the central pwers also included austria-Hungary they would fight on a territory called the weste…rn front where they would fight in land water and sea.

Comparing congress of vienna to treaty of versailles

Samantha Campfield 10 grade, Independence Missouri we are studing this in advanced world history right now lol The U. Congress had a major problem with Article X of the Treatyof Versailles.

This allowed the League of Nations to declare waswithout a vote by Congress. Because,was very harsh with Germany besides made most weak the peace in Europe,and for the future made to strengthed the War again. Similarities between Wilson's 14 points and Treaty of Versailles?

President Wilson was very disappointed that the Treaty of Versailles ended up having little similarity to the 14 Points he had proposed. Wilson agreed with the need for a Leag…ue of Nations, to work together to insure future peace. But he also wanted such policies as Open Diplomacy no secret treaties between the various powers; Freedom of Navigation the seas should be free and open in both peace and war ; Free Trade removing the barriers to trade between countries, such as custom duties ; Multilateral Disarmament all countries should reduce their armed forces to the lowest possible levels ; and he also believed that all people in the European colonies should have a say in their future.

But the other major nations involved in the negotiations wanted the focus to be on severe punishment for Germany and the other defeated nations. The Treaty of Versailles, while establishing a League of Nations, did in fact put harsh penalties onto Germany, both financial penalties and taking away some of its land.

And where Wilson had wanted the defeated nations to have a say in their future, the Treaty of Versailles did not encourage such an attitude:Mar 29,  · At Versailles you had the US, France, Germany, and Britain.

Next, the reason they came together: They were both called to piece Europe back together after a major war. Vienna was after Napoleon, and Versailles was after WWI. finally, their goal.

Comparing congress of vienna to treaty of versailles

Vienna wanted to maintain the balance of power in Resolved. Both the Treaty of Versailles and the Congress of Vienna had simillar goals in mind, the recreation/resoration of a European peace.

The Great War: Evaluating the Treaty of Versailles. Although at the postwar peace talks President Woodrow Wilson wished above all to prevent future wars, the Treaty of Versailles, which formally ended World War I, is widely considered to have contributed to the rise to power of the Nazi party in Germany.

Apr 01,  · I need help with choosing three general points for a compare/contrast essay I'm writing about the Congress of Vienna and the Treaty of Resolved.

Compare the Peace of Vienna with the Treaty of Versailles. What made Vienna more successful and Versailles less so?

This essay will be comparing the decisions made at the Congress of Vienna with the Treaty of Versailles to establish if a realist approach to international relations can be a more effective way of securing a lasting peace.5/5(1).

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