Customized learning theory essay

Explain how multi agency teams work together to support speech, language and communication.

Customized learning theory essay

These different situations can also affect how we behave and what behaviour is acceptable, for example shouting and swearing may be seen as acceptable at a football match, but this would be highly inappropriate in the middle of a supermarket or library.

These behaviours and expected ways of carrying ourselves, or norms and values, especially the basic ones, such as how to act around others are learnt from the family at a young age. However education teaches us how to act in a larger range of social situations. The acquiring of this knowledge is what leads to us gaining our identity.

Social action theorists suggest that there are three main parts to our identity. The first of these parts is the things that make us individual, such as name, signature and photograph. The second aspect is social identity, which is made up of the personality characteristics that are associated with our role in society.

For example, I am seen as an older brother, which society may make me out to be annoying and protective of my younger sibling, but I am also seen as a student, who is perceived to be hard-working and well-behaved.

Goffman referred to society as a play, and that we are all as individuals, actors in this play, or in the drama of everyday life.

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He suggests that the roles we carry out are simply a performance designed to create a particular impression. For example in front of grandparents, I put on this performance of being exceptionally well mannered believe it or not.

Another part of social action theory is the concept of labelling. This is when someone is put into a group, or stereotyped, because of the way they look or act. Becker came up with the idea of a Master Status.

This means that an individual can have a status normally negative which overrides all other labels. It is believed that these labels lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This means that someone will react to the label they have been given, and this label will become true.

Customized learning theory essay

There are many criticisms of Social Action Theory, one being that they tend to be very vague when describing who is responsible for creating these norms and values, and interpretations that mean we know how to act around people and in certain situations.

They fail to explain power, and factors which may affect these norms such as class or gender. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Customized Learning Theory Introduction For a teacher working with a group of students within the same age group, adolescents or just children, realizes very fast that all individuals are unique based on their personalities, personal interests, the abilities to learn and in their skills.

it is by understanding these differences that the teacher takes the . Social learning theory essay psychology essay studylib net. Sample essay on sociology for the st century academic research. Essay on cognitive learning theory explorable com refer to macro social theory by frank w elwell also see sociocultural systems principles of structure and change to learn how his insights contribute.

customized learning theory paper instructions Your paper in this course will present your own customized theory of human learning and development. Everyone operates with a “theory” of what makes the best learning environment and how people grow and develop. This site contains a vast array of basic information about learning theory.

Index of Learning Theories and Models Provides an overview of major learning theories and models, organized by paradigm (behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, humanism, and others).

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Slavin () states “a theory is a set of related principles and laws that explains a broad aspect of learning, behavior, or another area of interest (p.9). Applied to learning, theory encompasses a larger picture. Learning styles theory originated in the ’s and is based around the idea that people have preferences about how they like to learn.

Theorists believe that each individual has a particular learning style that is best suited to them and allows them to collect and process information successfully in .

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