Family in different languages writing a book

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Family in different languages writing a book

Exploring Other Cultures and Languages With Your Family

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! I was completely blown away, both by the depth and the ambiance of the book, but also by the amazing feat that its author had written it not in his mother tongue, but in English.

As I grew up and studied French, German and English, I enjoyed very much reading authors in their original language.

Never, ever, would I have imagined though, that one day I would take up the pen and write and have published, in English, a book of my own.

This guest post is by Lene Fogelberg.

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Growing up in a small town on the Swedish West Coast, Lene Fogelberg developed a love of poetry and reading, nurtured by the enchanting surroundings of her childhood; deep woods, fields, and ocean. Shortly after moving to the US it was discovered, by luck of circumstances, that she was in the last stages of a fatal congenital heart disease.

Within weeks she underwent two life-saving open-heart surgeries and began the long battle of recovery. Now she is well and grateful for every day with her husband and two daughters.

She is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. An award-winning poet in Sweden, Fogelberg has always felt drawn to writing in English and switched language when writing the memoir Beautiful Afflictionpublished by She Writes Press, September Every child in Sweden starts learning English in fourth grade, and from the beginning the new language pulled me in.

I think that to this day you could wake me in the middle of the night and I would be able to recite: I often felt that Swedish, in comparison, was blunt and sparse in words.

Speaking it was like picking delicate flowers with heavy gloves on. I could hear my painfully evident Swedish accent in every word I uttered. I loved watching Hollywood movies with Swedish subtitles and listening to my favorite American and British bands, basking in the words of the actors and the musicians, but at the same time feeling that they stemmed from a language that was mysterious and out of my reach.

It took a move to the U. In the beginning, I had to force every sentence out of my shy mouth, but slowly, my brain and my tongue got used to the strange sounds and I started to feel like maybe this treasure was meant for me too.

But this gift, the ability to speak English, was superseded by another gift from the U. It turned out that I had lived all of my life with an undiagnosed fatal heart condition, that doctors in the U.

The country saved my life, literally, and three years later, I was still so filled with gratitude that I felt the need to offer my own gift, my story, in return.The Elvish language family is a group of languages related by descent from a common ancestor, called the proto-language.

Tolkien constructed the family from around , working on it up to his death in He constructed the grammar and vocabulary of at .

12 Types of Language Anything not employed in formal writing or conversation, including terms that might fall under one or more of most of the other categories in this list, is a colloquialism.

family in different languages writing a book

A simplified language arising from the efforts of people speaking different languages to communicate is a pidgin. These languages generally. Writing in a foreign language would be an interesting and fruitful exercise for writers who speak more than one language as a non-native speaker even if they have no intention of writing in other languages.

Oct 08,  · Audio Book Reader • Spanish, German, French and more languages on easy to listen audio books. • Audio book in any language can be listened to even if your phone is sleeping.

• Learn languages by following the reader of the audio book with a karaoke style animation to /5(K). Oct 03,  · Help translating "Family" and "My Family" into different languages? Hi, I need help translating the word "Family" and "My Family" into as many different languages and Status: Resolved.

Learn to say 'Hello' in 20 different languages. If yours isn't there tell us in the comments! About PocketCultures. Home > Languages > How to say ‘Hello’ in 20 Languages.

family in different languages writing a book

Share: Tweet. Experts do not agree on which language family Japanese belongs to. We included it here in the Ural-Altaic family, but some linguists think it.

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