Lenovo s entry modes to the international market

This chapter addressed two related topics: The two topics are related in that several entry modes e.

Lenovo s entry modes to the international market

This is a segment where Motorola has been strong player. But over the past years, Motorola had lost steam in the Indian market as its fortunes slipped globally.


That was when the American brand was ruling the mobile phone world along with Nokia. But then came the technology shift powered by the likes of Apple and Samsung. From an iconic market leader, Motorola was almost relegated to the pages of history.

Then Google acquired the company breathing some life back with some really powerful Android devices such as the Moto G. But the problem is that though Google had the technology and money to resurrect Motorola, it did not have the marketing and distribution reach, especially in markets like India.

Late entrant Lenovo, a late entrant to the mobile phone space, has been trying to get a foothold into the Indian smartphone market since it launched its devices a year ago. Despite having an aggressive intent, Lenovo has so far not been able to make a dent.

Now with Motorola brand in its kitty, the Chinese phone maker could give a run for the money not only to the Indian players but also to market leader Samsung. However, the benefits that Lenovo would acquire out of this deal and extend to its serving markets, including India, are not going to be instant.

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Indian Android phone makers are putting a brave front for now. We are already winning the game while they are still fighting. New models on cards Indrajit Sabharwal, Managing DirectorSimmtronics, said they are planning to launch new models with leading chip-set makers of the world to compete with MNC brands.Pragmatic rule.

The decision maker uses a workable entry mode for each foreign market, which means that the manager use different entry modes depend on the time stage or the business stage.

For example, as the first step to international business, companies tend to use exporting. Strategy rules. There are several motivations for companies to consider a partnership as they expand globally, including (a) facilitating market entry, (b) risk and reward sharing, (c) technology sharing, (d) joint product development, and (e) conforming to government regulations.

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Lenovo s entry modes to the international market

The External and Internal Factors That Influence the Choice of Foreign Entry Modes find ways to plan international market entry; how limited the company resources ever may be. Without an entry The External and Internal Factors That Influence the Choice of Foreign Entry Modes at Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation.

Entering a new market can be a gold mine for companies. However, if there are any missteps, it can also be a disaster. Here is a look at some lessons learned from famous market entry successes.

These companies did it right, and others who wish to expand into new territories can learn from their. About the Market. Mobile and Tablets industry are one of the fast growing sector in India and accounted for percent of India’s GDP in Increasing macro-economic imbalances and improving economic condition in the western countries led to huge shift in investments, away from the country.

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