Man in the iron mask essay

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Man in the iron mask essay

Not to mention Cordieu! I think they are variations of OMG.

Man in the iron mask essay

I usually prefer to know as little as possible about the book I am about to read, including avoid reading the synopsis, or if I have read the synopsis in order to decide whether to read the book I try to forget it and do very well in the forgetting department, there is a character in this book called M.

Fouquet, a name I would like to adopt for future social media shenanigans. Anyway, sometimes this policy backfires. However, it is the best known part and published in the UK separately as a separate book.

This means that I missed out on quite a lot of backstory and plot developments. Fortunately, The Man in the Iron Mask can be read without much difficulty outside of its parent book. You should, however, at least read The Three Musketeers first.

None of these three are working for King Louis XIV, not having much of a taste for this king who—from his playboy-like behavior—seems unworthy of their services and loyalty.

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In fact, Aramis is so unimpressed that he elaborately plots to replace Louise with his identical twin brother Philippe, his plan goes smoothly up to a point, the king is put in prison at Bastille and secretly replaced with Philippe.

Unfortunately, he then makes the fatal error of confiding in Superintendent M. Fouquet, who, as a stick in the mud an honorable man, refuses to allow the rightful king to be treated so shabbily. Fouquet goes off to rescue Louis XIV from Bastille, while Aramis makes a run for it, accompanied by poor, trusting Porthos, his unwitting coconspirator.

Looking like Leonardo DiCaprio the king is not always a good thing. You may be thinking I am spoiling the book terribly with the above summary but The Man in the Iron Mask is so densely plotted I have barely scratched the surface of the entire plot.

It is not surprising that Dumas was so popular and remains so to this day, the man really knew how to write a fast pace narrative when he wants to, this book is stuffed to the gills with action and intrigues.

Fouquet on horseback is particularly hair-raising, and the conclusion of the chase confounded my expectations. There are several other scenes of similar intensity, but, for me, this one is the most badass.

His main characters are all lively, vibrant and believable. Of the original three musketeers the only real mover and shaker is Aramis, who is too clever and ambitious for his own good. His ingenious subterfuges and elaborate schemes are both audacious and hilarious in execution.

Porthos is his lovable, not too bright, faithful sidekick who follows him blindly to his own detriment; as for Athos, he does not have much to do in the narrative except growing old and sad. However, he finally draws the line at killing any of his Three Musketeers friends.

Several good characters come to a bad end through no fault of their own. While the book is a great read, I believe it suffers a bit from being serialized.

As authors of serialized books are paid by the word it often cause them to overwrite hello Mr. Dumas overwrote some parts which drag on unnecessarily, and some of the subplots do not really go anywhere, and have little relationship to the main storyline. Still, the book kept my interest throughout.

The writing is a thing of beauty though the dialogue is over elaborate at times. Different character voices, and narrated with plenty of passion and enthusiasm. Thank you so much!

Man in the iron mask essay

However, The Man in the Iron Mask is even more of a misnomer because the eponymous Man poor Phillippe is barely in the narrative, and by the second half of the book Dumas seems to have lost interest in him. I have no idea who to credit for the translation of this public domain edition. For as my conscience does not accuse me, I aver that I am not a criminal.Books at Amazon.

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Here you'll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, Kindle eBooks, Audible audiobooks, and so much more. Man in the Iron Mask - An Essay has 60, ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Homme au masque de fer = The man in the Iron mask‬, Alexandre Dumasتاریخ 4/5(). Online Library of Liberty.

A collection of scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets. A project of Liberty Fund, Inc. The Video that I watched was the Man in The Iron Mask, starring Leonardo. Dicaprio also starring was Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Gerard Depardiew, Gabriel Byrne, Anne Parillaud and Judith Godreche.

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