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N115 nightly business report

This Comment argues that adopting racial profiling in the war against terrorism is a practice dangerously unimpeded by both past and present constitutional doctrine. Part II describes the theories and willingness of the current political structure to adopt racially-biased methods, outlines the current Fourth Amendment and equal protection standards as applied to racial profiling and explains constitutional deference in light of national security crises.

Korematsu stands as the only evidence of what might happen when prevention of racial discrimination directly conflicts with national security and war-time interests.

These cases seem to extol the idea that a compelling interest cannot be a broad overarching concept, but only in rare circumstances does a court define the national security interest in such specific terms. Because it is intentional racial classification, racial discrimination in terrorist screening or security procedures must be analyzed pursuant to equal protection standards, which are historically deferential to justifications based on national security, wartime threats and military needs.

As Justice Jackson warned in Korematsu, if courts will not reassess what the military or government has deemed to be in its national security interest, a broad range of measures become permissible as long as they are narrowly tailored to any security interest.

Introduction Clashing for the first time since World War II are two constants of constitutional interpretation: United States, n2 racial equality lost the first battle between these interests. Desperate to avert more catastrophic terrorism, officials and legislators are reconsidering the usefulness of racial profiling.

United States, n20 the Supreme Court severely limited Fourth Amendment challenges to racial profiling in favor of equal protection claims. The Political Push and the Current Legal Standards Regarding Racial Profiling The potential use of racial profiling to combat terrorism is both a legal and policy based issue.

Pulse of the Nation: The Theories and Support Behind Racial Profiling After September Eleventh Following times of crisis, national security and safety are often hailed as sacrosanct, not without reason, but civil rights and liberties become expendable.

Pulse of Other Nations: The Influence of Other Nation's Racial Profiling Policies Policies adopted in other countries that have faced similar threats prove influential on American politics.

Unreasonable Search and Seizure or Racial Discrimination? Even before the September 11th attacks, racial profiling spawned much debate. In both United States v. Brignoni-Ponce n80 and United States v. Martinez-Fuerte, n81 the Supreme Court allowed officers to overtly use race as a "relevant factor" in screening who to detain and interrogate at the Mexican border.

Pena, n the Court supported "the most searching judicial inquiry" and a "clearly articulated need and basis" to determine a compelling interest behind allowing a minority favoring contracting program.

National Security Needs and Constitutional Protection for Racially Profiled Arabs The current political environment lends itself to an onslaught of racial profiling that will subject those of Middle Eastern descent and appearance to added searches, detentions and scrutiny.

Security At All Costs: The Current Political Atmosphere Paves the Way for Racial Profiling The United States' political community now seems eager to sacrifice its squeamishness to racial profiling to the patriotic mantra of heightened security.

Finally, given that the overwhelming majority of people in the United States support at least some heightened scrutiny of those of apparent Arab descent, n the democratic oversight of the government will likely not prevent use of race in terrorist screening.Sicily’s best-known resort has beguiled visitors for at.

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n115 nightly business report

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n115 nightly business report

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