Personnel management in education education essay

Human Resource Management Essay HRM Strategy and Organisational Change With the pressures of intensive competitive forces throughout the textiles manufacturing industry radical organisational changes need to be confronted and adopted by Tenrose. Its pressures have mainly come from the increased competition from cheaper overseas manufacturers along with new and established local competitors.

Personnel management in education education essay

Personnel management is a predominantly administrative record-keeping function that aims to establish and maintain equitable terms and conditions of employment. Human resource management integrates the traditional personnel management functions to corporate goals and strategies, and performs additional people-centered organizational developmental activities.

Significant difference exists between personnel management and human resource Personnel management in education education essay in terms of scope, approach, and application. The scope of personnel management includes functional activities such as manpower planning, recruitment, job analysis, job evaluation, payroll administration, performance appraisals, labor law compliancetraining administration, and related tasks.

Human resources management includes all these activities plus organizational developmental activities such as leadership, motivation, developing organizational culture, communication of shared values, and so forth.

It seeks to optimize the use of human resources for the fulfillment of organizational goals. This strategic and philosophical context of human resource management makes it more purposeful, relevant, and more effective compared to the personnel management approach.

Difference in Approach The personnel management approach tends to attach much importance to norms, customs and established practices, whereas the human resource approach gives importance to values and mission. The personnel management approach also concerns itself with establishing rules, policies, procedures, and contracts, and strives to monitor and enforce compliance to such regulations, with careful delineation of written contract.

The human resource management approach remains impatient with rules and regulations. HR managers tend to relax rules based on business needs and exigencies, and aim to go by the spirit of the contract rather than the letter of the contract.

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An illustration of this difference in approach lies in the treatment of employee motivation. The personnel management approach holds employee satisfaction as the key to keeping employees motivated, and institutes compensation, bonuses, rewards, and work simplification initiatives as possible motivators.

The human resource philosophy holds improved performance as the driver of employee satisfaction, and devises strategies such as work challenges, team work, and creativity to improve motivation.

Difference in Nature Another dimension of the difference is the proactive nature of human resource management compared to the reactive nature of personnel management.

Personnel management remains aloof from core organizational activities, functions independently, and takes a reactive approach to changes in corporate goals or strategy.

Human resource management remains integrated with corporate strategy and takes a proactive approach to align the workforce toward achievement of corporate goals.

For instance, while the personnel management approach concerns itself with a reactive performance appraisal process, human resource management approach has a more comprehensive and proactive performance management system that aims to correct performance rather than make a report card of past performance.

Difference in Application Personnel management is an independent staff function of an organization, with little involvement from line managers, and no linkage to the organization's core process.

Human resource management, on the other hand, remains integrated with the organization's core strategy and functions.

Although a distinct human resource department carries out much of the human resource management tasks, human resource initiatives involve the line management and operations staff heavily. Personnel management also strives to reconcile the aspirations and views of the workforce with management interest by institutional means such as collective bargaining, trade union-based negotiations and similar processes.

This leads to fixation of work conditions applicable for all, and not necessarily aligned to overall corporate goals. Human Resource management gives greater thrust on dealing with each employee independently and gives more importance to customer-focused developmental activities and facilitating individual employees rather than bargaining or negotiating with trade unions.

Finally, in any discussion of personnel management vs human resource management, we must include that personnel management lays down rigid job description with many grades and a fixed promotion policy—usually based on seniority and performance appraisal ratings.

Human resource management, on the other hand, has relatively fewer grades and ranks, with broadly defined job responsibilities providing much scope for applying creativity and initiative, and plenty of career paths, with skills, talent and commitment the key drivers of career advancement.

Personnel management in education education essay

References Legge, Karen Rhetorics and Realities Anniversary ed.There he defined personnel management thus: Personnel Management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration.

maintenance, and separation of human resource to the end that individual, organizational and .

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Human Resource Management is a modern adaptation of personnel management and wider in scope. It is more proactive, integrates corporate strategy into human resource tasks and activities, and focuses on developing individual competencies rather than on establishing institutional policies and procedures.

In the education arena, school-based management has been viewed largely as a political reform that transfers power (authority) over budget, personnel and curriculum to individual schools. Little attention has been given to empowering school sites with control over information, professional development (knowledge) or compensation systems (rewards).

Sex Education in Delhi. Category: Advertising Attitude Towards Sex Education Amongst Adolescents in Delhi Ajanta Anindita (P) Eresh Sabharwal (P) Rahul Agrawal (P) Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, XLRI School of Business and Human Resources Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India Abstract Purpose - The purpose of the study.

Human Resource Management versus Personnel Management - Marco Köster - Essay - Sociology - Work, Profession, Education, Organisation - Publish your bachelor's or . Board of Education – The board of education is ultimately responsible for most decision making in a school.

The board of education is made up of elected community members most usually consisting of 5 members.

Personnel management in education education essay

The eligibility requirement for a board member varies by state.

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