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Edit Akane is known as the "School Witch" due to the way in which her desires and grudges become realities. Over time, Kotarou learns that this is mostly because of her political connections and due to her being rich. Akane is introverted and avoidant of crowds, to the point of being teased for being a shut-in in many occasions. She seems to be the coldest and more distant member of the Occult Club, mostly just addressing Kotarou instead of any of the other heroines.

Rewrite akane themeforest

Akane locates the Druid in the forest and forces her to hand her the Key. Kotori is not identified by name, and is never shown again. In the epilogue, Chihaya and Kotarou receive a letter from Kotori, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Edit Kotarou spotted Kotori entering a bus going towards the forest, and confirms that Kotori got off the bus near the forest. He follows her into the forest, but does not find her.

Later, a voice speaks to Kotarou and lends her power to wake Shizuru from a coma, who tried to save Kotarou from dying. Kotarou never identifies the voice, but suspects he was unable to make her happy.

The voice also apologizes to Kotarou for holding him back for a long time, implying that the voice is Kotori. Kotori is not shown disappearing with the rest of Kazamatsuri, suggesting that she either sacrificed herself when reviving Shizuru, or somehow survived salvation.

Moon Route Kotori is summoned along with everyone else by Kotarou in order to defend Kagari from Sakura Kashima 's wave of familiars. She is the second of the 5 female leads to die. After she loses two of her familiars, she runs to the city as a way to divert the enemy forces.

Terra Route Edit Kotori is once again, introduced as Kotarou's neighbor. However, in this scenario we can see that he's actually much older than rewrite akane themeforest, since he's rewrite akane themeforest teenager while she's a young child.

After she sees Kotarou beating up some bullies who had stolen from another young boy Yoshinoshe decides that Kotarou is a good for nothing who automatically resorts to violence when he's presented with a problem. Due to this and the fact that Kotarou is not very sociable, they don't quite get along at first, although they both develop some sort of attachment to each other over time.

It is revealed here that Kotori's parents were involved with Martelsame as Kotarou's, and that she's fairly intelligent for her age.

Kotarou even sees her being bullied for her high intelligence. After her bullying, she silently and proudly picks herself up, outright refusing others's helps. Despite the fact that their relationship is rough at that time, Kotarou even admits that he feels inferior to her, an elementary schooler.

Sometimes later, they meet outside a Martel's meeting. Since she has such a good understanding of the underlying anti-human propaganda Martel spreads at her age, Kotarou even calls her a genius.

Kotori clearly does not agree with the Martel ideals, and so she stops going to their meetings. Because of this, her parents force her to take care of a dog that had been previously abused, Pero. Kotori takes the best care possible of him, but the dog won't trust her no matter what, which prompts his escape.

After the dog is found by Kotarou and given back to his owner, Kotori can't do anything but cry happily despite the fact that she had considered how much easier it would've been on her if the dog just left for good, showing that she cared a lot about him.

The basic story of her parents' death and the awakening of her Druid powers is inevitable in this arc as well, despite the fact that the player is given an option to warn the family. Before they part, Kotarou tells her that he's running away from home, and that he'll play with her when he comes back.

Kotori becomes a Druid after her tragedy so that she can one day resurrect her parents. She meets back up with Kotarou when he comes back and tries to help him hide Kagari by using her barriers and familiars.

However, Kotarou deems her too young to be in that kind of dangerous situation, so he harshly tells her to go away and destroys the familiars she created with the corpses of her parents.

rewrite akane themeforest

The Occult Club resurrects Kotarou She is one of the survivors after the near apocalypse, and she grows up along with the other female leads under the care of Touka Nishikujou.

Years later, Kotori and the other four main leads resurrect Kotarou then named Pochi by Lucia as the five girls' personal familiar. Kotori is implied to be the leader of the Occult Club in this timeline.What do you all think about Akane's route? Is it the end for humanity? I don't think that it is as hopeless as some people have made it out to be.

The key was killed by Kotarou before salvation was complete, so there may be a small number of survivors on the outside.

rewrite akane themeforest

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Dec 17,  · Akane's theme from original soundtrack of Key's visual novel "Rewrite". Disc 1, track 10 - "Anthurium". Composed & arranged by Ryō Mizutsuki.

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