Similarities between inner and outer beauty

Most people, if you ask them what they think beautiful about a person perhaps will start to describe the perfect physical appearance to them something like dark or fair long hair, big eyes, thin lips, long legs and so on. It very rarely goes something like:

Similarities between inner and outer beauty

Physical Beauty Beauty is a perception of an object, person, or aspect, which is fully opinionated by the mind; therefore, beauty cannot be proven by fact or law since it is completely based on how and what a person distinguishes the aspect to be.

There are two categories of beauty: Physical beauty includes appearance, complexion, and physical features, while inner beauty is comprised of characteristics, traits, and personality of an individual. These two beauties have an effect on people, yet they differ and various ways such as the portrayals of the beauty, what it means, how a person can acquire them, and the quality of the beauty.

The first difference is the portrayal or descriptions of the beauties. Inner beauty is a beauty that is based on characteristics, traits, attitude, personality, and just the whole being of who a person is and the expression of who a person is to other people.

This beauty is a beauty in which how people first sees someone and even judges them off of these features as a person.

Another difference in these two categories of beauty is how they are achieved, occur, or come about in an individual. Inner beauty is the beauty that is defined in how you behave, so it can be changed through your actions, behavior, and manners.

As physical beauty is the outer appearance it essentially achieved through birth, and heritance. Plastic surgery and cosmetics have given a rise to changing the outer appearance of a person, making it easier for someone to disguise their true outer beauty with a beauty they consider is more acceptable.

The quality of the beauties is a huge point of the importance of the two. Inner beauty is seen to be more important and pure than physical beauty because it holds no lies, and it attracts the heart, mind, and soul.

For inner beauty is a beauty that is not temporary as physical beauty, but enduring and so unfathomable, in which it creates who a person is and it is an ultimate factor in which ways people are so exclusively different from others who roam the Earth.

Physical beauty is an illusion that has no real strength, but can easily possess a shallow mind.

Similarities between inner and outer beauty

This beauty can easily fade away over time and so what is left is the inner beauty of a person, and that is the beauty that shall never cease to exist, for it is the beauty that creates the lasting impression on the people who were exposed to it.

In conclusion, inner beauty and physical beauty have a lot of importance in the way people are treated, but they have many differences in between them. The way they are defined, how they are achieved, and even the value of the beauties makes them different in nature.

One thing is final: Beauty Inner Beauty vs.

Similarities between inner and outer beauty

April 8th, at Outer beauty can be a fake one, but inner beauty can’t lie. The look of the person can be easily changed through make up, dressing, cosmetic surgery, some people think outer beauty is everything. They forget about the inside, their inner beauty. What is the difference between outer beauty and inner beauty?

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In essence, one is looking beautiful while the other is feeling beautiful. You don't have to be a screen star to know that outer beauty matters. Your skin, your hair, your body shape are all visual elements that. Compare and Contrast - Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty Beauty can be defined as the qualities of a person that gives pleasure to ones senses.

The day we are born, we are all considered to be beautiful, inside and outside. As we grow, each of us develops our own unique personality. This is the point at which the inner beauty and the outer beauty. outer beauty normally refers to your outer physical appearance.

The way you dress, walk, talk, every action that you make can be define as "outer beauty". Read story Inner Beauty VS Physical Beauty by rightbrainrep (Sarah Hayman) with 5, reads.

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What is Beauty? We see pictures of models posing in magazines, and Reviews: 8. For my Compare and Contrast essay I wrote about inner and outer beauty. In my original essay, I repeated inner beauty and outer beauty a lot so for my final .

What are similarities between inner and outer beauty