The effects of strict professor to a students

Nastiti Fitria Normally, students differentiate their teachers according their way of implementing rules in the classroom. Most people, especially students, like to be given freedom to express their aspiration in class activity rather than to be guided firmly by the teachers. However, the opposite side of people believes that strict teachers can be the effective way to produce extraordinary students. According to Teachers Appreciation Blog, there are two impacts of being strict teachers, the positive and the negative impacts.

The effects of strict professor to a students

The effects of strict professor to a students

Click here for information and discounts! At the end of the article are guiding questions for the educator. A hidden gem in classroom management is teacher personality and how it can influence the structure of the classroom. When teacher personalities are discussed, the two most common types mentioned are strict and lenient.

Teacher personality may be difficult for educators to exam because many educators instruct according to inherent nature. Therefore, reflecting upon personality can cause personal distress because no educator wants to feel like he is impeding the classroom environment.

Another aspect that should be implied is that strict or lenient is not a static state of being, they have varying degrees of measure. With an increase of intensity comes an intensification of pros and cons.

Each personality is like a double edge sword that helps and hurts at the same time. That is why it is always recommended to find a healthy balance to assist instruction and learning. The Strict Educator Strict educators have become synonymous with some crazed looking educator who wields a ruler and breathes fire at every little indiscretion.

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However, being strict can be a useful class manage tool, but remember, for everything gained there is something lost. Makes students adhere to class structure which increases opportunities to learn. Students normally behave better, so unwanted behavior does not interfere with the lesson as much.

It teaches the students about responsibility for their actions. Students learn they have choices to make and they are held responsible for what they do. More likely to treat everyone the same as rules govern the class as opposed to emotion.

Being a strict teacher, is it good or bad?

The strict educator is normally guided by rules which allow a systematic management of students. A quiet student who never causes trouble becomes angry and unleashes a torrent of bad words. Even though this student has never done this, the student will receive the same punishment as everyone else.

Whereas a more lenient educator may rationalize that it is not normal for that student and let it be, but the strict educator is governed by the rules and there are usually no exceptions. The strict educator understands that playing favorites diminishes the rules and will not let that happen.

The rules are clearly known to the students so they know what is expected of them.

Having a Strict Professor Isn't Always a Bad Thing |

A strict educator will make the rules known to the students because he wants everyone to abide. Therefore, the students are clear on what is expected. Students tend to be more respectful. At the lower levels of strictness, some students will honor the educator because they understand the educator is trying to help them learn.

An overly strict educator can create a barrier between him and the students. That barrier creates several of the problems below. Kills classroom atmosphere That inaccessible barrier the educator has created can make the classroom a place of dread instead of learning.

An overly strict educator can decrease motivation in the classroom. There are two levels of respect: Anything done in fear produces lower results than from honor. If a student is doing an assignment, he may be concentrating more on how demanding the educator will be instead of focusing on what he can learn.

Students rebel against the rules in protest. An educator who is overly strict could cause students to break rules as a form of protest.

It may become a joke amongst the students of how they anger the educator. This is not normal, but it is possible.Nancy Darling, PhD, a psychology professor at Oberlin College, says, "It's a sign that you are too strict for everyone’s good if you set so many rules that you can’t possibly enforce them all.

Sometimes strict teachers can be the worst at actually helping children learn by Francis Gilbert. Posted: 11 Jul, The news today that Part of the textbook task is to ask students to discuss whether teachers get more respect in their own countries.

My class is about 50% Saudi and 50% Spanish speakers Spain/S America. May 19,  · Besides, being a strict teacher will also triggers students’ rebellion because it is an undeniable fact that being a strict teacher often means that we are going to be a teacher with a lot of haters, which are our own students.


The topic this researcher chose is the impact of school dress on behavior of elementary All students start their day by deciding what to wear to school. Some school an associate professor at Ashland University conducted a study during the 01 school year on the effects of dress on school.

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The topic this researcher chose is the impact of school dress on behavior of elementary All students start their day by deciding what to wear to school. Some school an associate professor at Ashland University conducted a study during the 01 school year on the effects of dress on school. And moderate discipline will make students to be focused, but strict discipline does not really make any positive impact on the students. Therefore, strict discipline has a negative impact on students‟ academic performance, thus, student should be . Students in classrooms where only tablets were allowed under strict conditions did slightly better, with an average score of percent, but they still had lower scores than students in the technology-free group.

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