The islam controversy

August 1, at 1: Nick and Jonathan thanks for replying. Good to see you know your scriptures. I wonder what scriptures you would have quoted if you had been born a muslim?

The islam controversy

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I would The islam controversy partially with this statement. But the problem is that too many people, including atheists from what I have observedmainly premise their argument on the religious background they come from.

The islam controversy

Many atheists that I know come from Christian or Jewish families. Others are from Hindu families or just purely atheist families. Many of these people that I know did not look to see if there are other religions out there that not only agree with scientific discoveries but are reinforced further when new discoveries are made.

I understand that, historically, the Catholic Church had been at odds with scientific discoveries relating to the cosmos. It even shunned and ex-communicated prominent thinkers, scientists, and astronomers for being heretics.

But that was all political. Currently, there are some Christians that do not believe in many of the scientific theories and some who do. I do not know why atheists always use Christianity as a reference for most of their argument, but the only reason that I can think of is that it is because we live in a country that is primarily Christian.

It is possible that the political and social propaganda against this religion make people not want to even think about what this religion has to say about anything, let alone scientific information.

Nor do they look into Hinduism or other religions to see what their perspective is. All the arguments are mainly centralized around one religion when there are so many others out there.

I will be discussing the Islamic, Hindu, and Greek perspective of science as a part of religion- mainly focusing on the cosmos in this article. Although the Greeks had discovered the planets, their orbits, constellations, and stars, their discoveries were still limited.

I want to talk about discoveries that go beyond the discussion of planets, like: Neither the Greeks, nor any other ancient civilization, had records of these types of topics.

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These discoveries are fairly new. A couple of issues must be understood before I mention Quran quotes.

The islam controversy

The Prophet Muhammad did not know how to read or write, so it was impossible for him to write the Quran himself. He was not a scribe, a scholar, an astronomer, or a scientist. They did not have the technology to make discoveries that were revealed in the Quran.

In addition, it is believed that the Quran has never been altered or changed. The original copy is located in a museum in Turkey. These satans…are pelted away from every side and are repelled…And if any is able to snatch a fragment, he is pursued by a piercing flame.

However, they are burned up even before they reach the Earth. When atmospheric gases compress, temperatures rise so high that the object burns itself up before it hits the Earth. The last line is pretty self-explanatory.

It is referring to cosmic objects being very hot to the touch.Former Trinamool Congress MLA Arabul Islam got himself involved in yet another fracas on Saturday when two Trinamool factions clashed inside the party.

Feb 17,  · At this month’s National Prayer Breakfast, Obama touched off controversy by invoking ties between Christianity and the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery and Jim Crow.

Apr 24,  · We have written two lists in the past which deal with this same subject so there is a little overlap, but this list is a more general one so it makes sense. This is a list of books (fiction and non-fiction) that have been the subject of great controversy.

Before year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested by police in Irving, Tex., after bringing in a homemade clock to school, the national spotlight shone on the Dallas suburb as its officials warned. It is a fact that Islam is a religion and culture characterized by unending controversy.

The Muslim society on the other hand has come into light clarifying and justifying its stand in regard to the perceptions and stereotypes directed towards it. This article examines the Radio Islam controversy of , in which a South African Muslim radio station, affiliated with the conservative Deobandi organization Jamiatul Ulama, forbade women’s voices on its airwaves.

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