Tuna flowchart

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Tuna flowchart

The Omni Project Diamond symbols linked to decision text. I'm not a doctor, these are my observations on troubleshooting my own digestive problems. I'm currently reading the first academic tome on the immune system and its integral connection with mental and physical health which makes any sense.

Tuna flowchart

Anxiety causing vomiting, diarrhea and frequent bowel problems I s the problem stress related? If you haven't even considered stress as a possible cause for Tuna flowchart problems, think about it now.

It came as a shock to me when I was in my mid-twenties and suffering from all sorts of dizzy spells and digestive problems, when I eventually figured Tuna flowchart they were caused by stress. I actually went to doctors back then, I think it was the one job in my life where I had health insurance, and not one doctor asked me, "Are you working seven days a week, ten, twelve, fourteen hour days, and commuting 50 miles each way on Rte and the Mass Pike at 85 miles an hour?

Turns out, stress was usually my main trigger for digestive problems. I used to eat breakfast in the car, lifting myself up to let the gas out, and still didn't figure it out that those symptoms, and speeding in traffic, could be related.

I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. I know that the pains I associate with ulcers, a continual sharp pain in the side, often accompanied by heartburn, I have only experienced during extended times of stress.

These are the pains that antacid helps with for a while, but eventually, the body seems to just produce more and more acid until you're eating Tums like candy. There are many acid inhibitor drugs out now, over the counter, and if I had the kind of pains I did when I was in my twenties and was a stress junkie, I'd probably self diagnose overproduction of acid and try them.

Obviously, not all GI Gastro Intestinal problems are caused by stress, but I would bet that most are made worse by stress. I've known I have a nervous stomach since I was a child, probably before I got out of the single digits.

Not all composite products are subject to veterinary checks

Since being sick is in itself stressful, there's a negative feedback loop, that for many people with ulcers or inflammations in the intestines will send them in a downward spiral.

As I studied up about intestinal problems on the web, I found that the two "IB" groups were often confused. What both groups share is that the diseases or syndromes, take your pick, aren't usually curable. If you go to a surgeon, you may end up with surgery, and that may relieve some of the symptoms, but the idea that removing your colon is a cure for a colon condition is an abuse of language.

Self diagnosis may not lead me to a cure, and if I miss something major, I could end up worse off.

Tuna flowchart

But the alternative is being sick, as opposed to just having stomach problems. I've seen too many people take on the "I'm sick and therefore I'm special" mindset and let it run their lives, for me to be tempted to go that route myself. Return to diagnostic flowchart D o you suffer from diarrhea and the mad dash for a toilet?

There's diarrhea and then there's serious diarrhea. Diarrhea that results from food poisoning or some stomach bug and then clears up like it never happened is part of life. Diarrhea that occurs regularly is always a problem, for quality of life if nothing else.

I stopped eating in restaurants for a decade or more after a couple incidents of diarrhea that had me running from the table in the middle of a meal to spend fifteen minutes in the bathroom as my colon turned itself inside out.

I find it pretty intolerable to be stuck in situations where the people I'm with feel they have to check up on me to see if I'm OK, even family, so I just stopped eating out. Diarrhea is largely caused by the muscles around the large intestine pushing the refuse through too quickly, so the liquid doesn't get absorbed.There are plenty of healthy options at Subway, but watchout!

They also have quite a few gut-bombs that will set you back half a day's calories.


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