Why asean is not successful as

The joint statement nods to many of the issues raised at the summit including security, trade, investment, rights and people-to-people links. Yet there was something anticlimactic both about the document and the summit as a whole.

Why asean is not successful as

From rice paddies to microchips. This is the revolution brought about by economic development in Southeast Asia. A few years ago, an American consumer might have examined his Japanese watch, bought a shirt made in South Korea, and whiled away hours with a computer game manufactured in Hong Kong.

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Now, Southeast Asia is looming larger as a source of wearing apparel - your first shirt made in Malaysia will put you in touch with ASEAN - business machines, and even minicomputers, as well as the microchips that go into them.

These free-market-oriented economies grew at more than 7 percent on the average between and Their economic record has been paralleled for the most part by a pattern of political stability and moderation unmatched in the third world - in a region that had been characterized for decades by turbulence and the spreading threat of communist insurrection.

The Southeast Asian countries have chosen their friends carefully. Could you pass a US citizenship test? American exports to ASEAN in held steady, while our exports to Latin America, burdened by global recession and massive debt, declined sharply.

Free-market trade policies, generally skillful and conservative economic management, high priority for education and training, and a keen eye on policies that promote overall economic growth and, with it, social and political stability.

The road to economic success and, for the most part, stability of the ASEAN nations has taken varied routes, depending upon their colonial pasts and social systems.

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ASEAN has done more to promote prosperity and stability than any organization of developing nations. Economically, ASEAN is by no means a common market, but there have been important steps toward complementarity by reductions in intraregional tariffs, joint ASEAN-government investment in industrial projects such as fertilizer plants, and pushing private-sector investment projects in which entrepreneurs from all ASEAN nations can take part.

The US too has been respectful of those differences. We have followed a diversified course in relations with the region that ranges from military cooperation with the Philippines and Thailand to strong support for the economic development of assertively nonaligned Indonesia.

Our constructive relationship with ASEAN contrasts sharply with that of the Soviet Union, which has regarded this collection of free, vigorously independent-minded nations with suspicion and even derision - and has seen its standing in the region diminish steadily.

Secretary Shultz reported on the results of the London economic summit meeting, whose decisions hold so much for the future trading ability of the ASEAN nations.

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A new round of multilateral trade negotiations is in the offing. Textile import restrictions, renewal of the Generalized System of Preferences that provides for lower US tariffs on some imports from developing countries, and specific commodity issues such as sugar, copper, tin and rubber headed the ASEAN list.

No less important was the political talk.

Why asean is not successful as

Although ASEAN is not a political or military alliance, there was an exchange of views on the international political climate. East-West relations, prospects for global arms control, the Middle East, and developing US relations with China were very much on the minds of the ministers present in Jakarta.TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — A few blocks from a shelter housing members of a Central American migrant caravan sits the first Haitian restaurant to.

ASEAN Is Not Another EU. they would not be successful.

Why asean is not successful as

According to the blueprint, they will continue following the ASEAN way, i.e., the integration process will be moderate, gradual, elastic and loose. The international community does not need to worry too much about the ASEAN Community. Its further integration may even bring about.

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The Asean Economic Community (AEC) was born on New Year’s Day, but the full realisation of the AEC vision laid out in will take more time still. ASEAN Visit Year July 1, by Wanwisa Ngamsangchaikit.

BANGKOK, 1 July Association of Thai Travel Agents says an ASEAN Visit Year will be launched in to attract travel between the 10 country members.

For ASEAN, it was in July after the collapse of the financial markets of individual ASEAN countries, when fixed single country currency pegs could not withstand speculative attacks and when, unlike in Greece, no “big brother” offered a bail-out hand. ASEAN as a community of solidarity did not play any role.

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