Writing an invitation letter sample

Peter Summers, Long Street, Lincoln, Nebraska October 25, Dear Peter, Christmas is a time to remember those who make our lives pleasurable all year long. You have contributed to our business success by your continued support and loyalty.

Writing an invitation letter sample

In order to plan for how many guest will be at this event, it is necessary to send out some sort of invitation.


The invitation letter should be one of the first things that the host does. This letter will serve the purpose of notifying the guests and also letter them know the details like what, where, when and why. You can be as formal as you want or as casual as you want, but in general if you are going to the letter format, normally it is for a more formal happening.

Writing a Dinner Invitation Letter The letter should clearly state your intentions on the very first line. McCabe request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a dinner celebration. Be sure to specifically put the date and time.

This is one little detail that can easily mess up all the planning. If the party is being held on Friday, June 7, at 7: Also, in a formal letter the date and time is always spelled out, as numbers are not appropriate.

Be sure to include the location, such as your home or the venue the event will take place. One thing that people always want to know is what the dress code will be.

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If this is a more formal affair, make sure to let them know that it is a black tie event. If you are going for a more causal event, allow them the courtesy of advanced notice by stating it is an informal affair.

An RSVP is also of extreme importance when you need to know how many people to prepare the food for. Make sure to leave some sort of contact information at the bottom of the letter, like an email address or phone number for them to call.

Also if using the RSVP features, make sure to put the date that it needs to be turned in by. Some hosts ask people to let them know if there are coming or not.

writing an invitation letter sample

If the event is particularly formal, it is not uncommon to put a reply card in with a self-addressed stamped envelope to send back the RSVP. This reply card can also have on there to check whether the party will be attending or will not be able to attend.

Make sure to have the invitations out in plenty of time to get responses back. Typically, if the event is going to be in a month, give yourself at least two weeks before the big day to get the event cards back.

When dealing with something as formal as a wedding dinner, allow a month to get things back so caterers have enough time to have everything in order.

You can put whatever you want on the invitation letter, but typically they are short and sweet. Here are samples of how a formal dinner invitation should look. This occasion is a black tie event and while your presence is requested, no gift is required.

We would love to have you celebrate with us. Please let me know if you can join us.Invitation letters can be written for a wide variety of business and personal situations.

The sample letter below is typical of one that would be used in a business or academic environment.

writing an invitation letter sample

A sample business letter based on a real-life situation can really help stimulate the letter writing process. The more realistic the example letter, the better it is as a template.

Make changes in the following box and take a print or save as doc file. What You Say When You Want To Decline An Invitation Because of a Previous Commitment. Dear_____, Thank you ever so much for your invitation to (describe invitation). Invitation To Grand Opening, Free sample and example letters.

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