Writing games in haskell

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Writing games in haskell

Exploring writing browser games with Haskell Monday, November 12, Breakout - Improved and with netwire Hi, welcome to the 6th article of this blog. In this blog post, the breakout example from the last Post has been improved, giving it more features: The Paddle and Blocks have rounded edges.


The ball bounces of them depending on the surface normal where it hits. The blocks are fading out when destroyed. The paddle can shot to destroy blocks. When the game starts one shot is available, shots can be gained by destroying green blocks.

The game is aware when the player lost or won and displays this information when the game ends. But that is not all! Instead of using the simple Coroutines we are now using a full blown FRP library called netwire.

But more about that later, here is the preview. As alwyas you have to click the canvas to get input focus. If you are not viewing this blog article on blogspot and the application does not work, try the original aricle page.

I had a lot of help over the haskell beginners mailing list. I will try to add links to the specific topics whenever I am writing something I had help with. As a final note before I start: Being a haskell beginner, I might not do everything here the best way.

I encourage you to comment if you think something could be done better! Of course, I also encourage you to comment if you have any questions. About Netwire Netwire is a arrowized functional reactive programming AFRP library for haskell and the version 4 of the library has recently been released on hackage.

Since it uses Arrows, some of the things we did with Coroutines can be done the same way with netwires, but it has tons of other features. Here is a short introduction to netwire, but I will try to explain all the features when I use them. Also I will explain some of netwires usage here, this is by no means a complete tutorial to netwire.

One obvious reason for this is, that I myself do not yet? Maybe some of this will be useful for someone wanting to start with netwire. To install netwire, just type haste-inst install netwire This will most likely fail on lifted-base and time.

There is a potentially dangerous workaround herethat should work for now. Also a new type for Colors has been added: Collision detection See here for the complete code.

We want to represent our objects as Circles the ball, bullets and rounded rectangles the paddle, blocksso we define data structures for this: This is needed to correctly bounce the ball. For convenience in the usage of the collision functions, we will define type classes for the objects having the shape of a circle or a rounded rectangle: In other words, instead of writing:Despite there not being many game-related libraries in Haskell, as noted under "The Bad" below, the Haskell foreign function interface is the easiest I have ever used.

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Having briefly looked at Haskell recently, what would be a brief, succinct, practical explanation as to what a monad essentially is?. I have found most explanations I've come across to be fairly inaccessible and lacking in practical detail.

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Writing games in haskell

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Nov 06,  · Breakout - Improved and with netwire Hi, welcome to the 6th article of this blog. In this blog post, Writing JavaScript games in Haskell by Nathan Hüsken is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Germany License.

Posted by Nathan Hüsken at AM.

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